1 • hope's theme ~ final fantasy xiii ost
2 • winter ~ daughter
3 • yeul's theme ~ final fantasy xiii-2 ost
4 • numb ~ sia
5 • string of blinking lights ~ paper moon
some of us are wild ones;
— the konoha bitches;

Deidara or Sasori asked by star—lux 


gosh ino

Yearning for her {x}

naruto meme: ten characters (2/10)

The things that are most important aren’t written in books. You have to learn them by experiencing them yourself.

homusubi -> enton

who did you kill for that url kat

“I’m not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! That’s my nindō: my ninja way!”
Dedicated to Dessie ♥. Inspired by [x].


Hinata Hyuga | dedicated to delicious muffin~ Aleyna


On a scale of gaara to rock lee how strong is your eyebrow game